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How We are Different Than Other Firms

At Scioscia Law, if we take your case, we assume all the risk. You never pay fees or costs out of your own pocket.

We never charge a fee unless we win. Our clients are those who have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one because someone else made bad decisions.

We are dedicated to helping victims who have been seriously injured. We take pride in giving every client the personal attention they need and deserve.

We have more than two decades of combined experience in fighting to ensure justice for our clients. Being always trial-ready in our preparation of cases allows us maximum leverage in the process of settling them.

At Scioscia Law, we are always prepared to take cases to trial. You will get the best settlement possible if the insurance company knows your lawyer is willing to fight for you.

We have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. The good results we get come from hard work, expertise, and being willing to stand up to insurance companies for our clients.

What is my Case Worth?
  • Injury: What is the type of injury you have? How does it affect your life? The value of your case will be greatly influenced by the permanence of your injury.
  • Economic losses: How large are your medical bills? Have you lost wages due to your injury? These economic losses must be considered.
  • Liability: Liability is a major factor in determining the worth of your case. Unless your accident was a rear end auto accident, most defense attorneys will try to argue that you, the victim, are to blame. The more clearly you can establish that the defendant was at fault, the greater your settlement or verdict will be enhanced. This is why early investigation is critical.
Skill, Experience, and Dedication... Washington, PA Injury Lawyers Make a Difference

The Washington County personal injury attorneys at Scioscia Law are dedicated to helping those injured in accidents. Their results come from experience, hard work, dedication to their clients, and a willingness to stand toe to toe with insurance companies.

The personal injury attorneys at our firm only represent victims (plaintiffs). We practice only medical malpractice suits and personal injury. Our firm handles cases in and around Washington, PA.

Our goal is to obtain for you the biggest settlement possible as swiftly as we can. However, our experienced and skilled personal injury attorneys are always prepared for our clients’ cases to go to trial. Other firms will just accept whatever the insurance company offers rather than allow a case to go to trial.

This fact alone is the reason it’s important for you to hire a dedicated, experienced, and aggressive law firm to represent you. If your insurance company knows your attorney is willing to fight for you, you will get the best settlement possible.

Fractures, head trauma, spinal injuries, and other serious personal injuries can affect your life in numerous ways. At Scioscia Law, our Washington County personal injury lawyers give every client the personal attention they need and deserve, and we take the time to listen to them. We can assist clients in locating the best doctors, and figuring out if there are additional benefits available to them. If you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, our accident attorneys can help you protect your rights.

FAQ on Injury Cases

When we are handling the cases of different types of injuries, we face a few common questions from our clients. Accidents and injuries are extremely unfortunate as it will not only cause immense physical trauma and pain but also it leaves you shaken and disturbed. Well, when you are going through such a predicament, it is obvious that you will find it really difficult to think of a proper way for the legal proceedings. That is why you need to think of getting in touch with the right people who can help you deal with it.

So, when you are coming to us, it is obvious that you will have many questions in mind. Take a look at the following questions that we always get asked by our clients.

What is a Personal Injury Case?
If someone getsinjured, physically, emotionally or both, due to someone’s negligence and fault, then it is a case of personal injury. If someone is directly or indirectly responsible for a death or injury, this can be counted as a personal injury case. If you are the victim or you are suffering from the loss of a dear one for a similar reason, you can file the case. In that way, you can file the case against an individual, group of people, companies or government. If you are in the middle of any confusion, then trust us. We will do it for you.

Will My Case go on Trial?
Generally, when we take up a case of personal injury or accident, we try to make sure that the client has to go through minimum trouble for the case. That is why we often settle some cases outside the courtroom. However, we keep ourselves prepared so that, if necessary, you can go ahead with your case for trial. The main aim is getting you justice. We will weigh all your options so that you can think of the right solution for your case.

What Types of Cases Do We Handle?
There are various types of personal injury cases that come to us and we provide our clients with the complete legal assistance and justice for their issue. The cases include,

  • Truck accidents and related injuries
  • Car accidents and related injuries
  • Accidents due to slip and fall
  • Motorcycle and bicycle accident injuries
  • Dog bite-related injuries
  • Accident cases related to construction

So, if you are thinking of getting legal assistance regarding any accident and injury cases you can come to us at SWPA Injury Lawyers. Give us a call today at (724) 350-8995 for a free consultation.

Client Reviews
“Mr. Logue came to me for my consultation, which was nice! He helped me better understand my situation so I could weigh my options. He kept me updated on any new information about my case, and I could always easily contact him if I had any questions. I knew I was in good hands, and I got the best possible outcome for my case!” Anonymous
“Sean Logue accomplished an incredible thing for me by handling my legal matters. If you need help, this is the man to represent you...he's very keen, knowledgeable, and efficient in guiding you to freedom. The trust and loyalty he gives you is very down to earth, so if you need a lawyer this is the best one. You can feel totally confident in Sean's hands. Excellent job, thank you for taking the time for me, you took all my worries away...God bless your future.” Anonymous
“Mr Logue was the one I hired after talking to other attorneys about my case. He was the most knowledgeable and explained everything to me about his plan for me moving forward. He was always available to answer my questions and fought hard for me!! Don't waste your time looking for anyone else to help you. Mr Logue did an amazing job and very professional!” Anonymous
“Atty. Logue represented me well and took care of my legal issues superbly. He is a no-nonsense, very knowledgeable and well respected lawyer. I was pleased with his services. Would definitely recommend Atty. Logue to others.” Anonymous
“Mr. Logue is good for one reason, he cares. A client is not a quick buck. He always answers his phone, day or night and he understands the law better than anyone. He always answers my calls for both corporate and personal legal decisions and I have a ton of questions. His rates are reasonable too. Fair and firm.” Anonymous
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